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RAPID RESPONSE - Emergency funds for a wide variety of needs. By referral only (preferably clergy).

   Nick Angeloff - Director of Ministry & Outreach


   Traci Christensen - Operation Coordinator



NOWCAP - Emergency funds for a wide variety of needs. Application required. 



LIEAP - Energy Assistance 1-800-246-4221


LVE Operation Round-up - Energy Assistance 307-885-3175


POWER - Personal Opportunities With Employment Responsibilities  

307-754-2245 ext. 23

    Time-limited, pay-after-performance family assistance program for families with dependent children who are working to become self-sufficient through employment, child support, or other resources. 


SNAP - Food assistance Visit Local DFS for help with application


TAP - Telephone assistance 307-886-9071

WIC - Monthly food packages for children up to age 5 years and pregnant or nursing mothers.  307-885-9071


Community Partners

LCSD#2 Homeless Liaison (For school aged children)        


Kelli Hoopes  (Helps with mililtary/veteran services)      


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