Food Banks

Afton Food Pantry      

   307-887-FOOD (3663)

   Thursdays  5pm-6pm

   710 N. Washington St., Afton


Thayne Food Bank

   307-880-FOOD (3663)

   Fridays  11am-1pm

   250 VanNoy Parkway, B-126, Thayne


Alpine Food Bank


   Tuesdays  9am-10am

   Thursdays  6pm-7pm

   121 US HWY 89, Alpine

Law Enforcement

Afton Police Department             


Thayne Police Department          

   307-883-2668 ext. 205

Lincoln County Sheriff's Office    


Can provide rides to the county line.  Have a backpack of supplies they can give to needy families.


Baha'i Faith                                            


Baptist Community Church                    


Berean Bible Fellowship                        


Christ Our Savior Lutheran Church        


Dayspring of Star Valley


Emmanuel Bible Church

   883-3250 or 208-225-3284

Holy Family Catholic Church                  

   307-733-2516   Ext. 208 or 103

Jehovah's Witness                                  


LDS Afton Stake Transient Bishop          


LDS Thayne Stake Transient Bishop      


Morning Star Baptist                              


New Hope Fellowship                             


Star Valley Apostolic Church                  

   307-654-7053 or 880-4041

Star Valley United Church                      



Good Samaritan Mission

(Jackson Homeless Shelter


   285 W. Pearl Ave. in Jackson


Turning Point

(Those fleeing domestic violence ONLY)


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Immediate Assistance

** If needed, a blanket and hygiene kit can be given to the individual.

Each food bank has these on hand. **


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